Hi everyone, I am about to start a new photography project which requires the participation of 10/15 people. This will not be the usual photography project! It is not going to be a quick photoshoot with make-up, poses and nice clothes and I am not aiming to make you look beautiful – I would like to do something a little bit more meaningful.



WHO: Whoever wants to participate is more than welcome

WHAT: Their moments of honesty, fragility and vulnerability

WHEN: Once a week for a couple of months

HOW: The whole project will rotate around three “chapters” and I will shoot both digital and film

WHERE: We will starts in public spaces and we will move to a photography studio after a while



I would like to embark upon a complex journey exploring our individual perception of reality, in regards to what surround us and also the reality of how we see ourselves and how we would like to project ourselves to others.

I would like to create an intimate and proactive group in which I can conduct an ongoing discussion about our lives, how the surrounding can affect us and how we react (or would like to react) to it. I would like to explore what makes us feel vulnerable, how we would like to be, or how we would like people to see us.


The project will be split in three parts or chapters.


The Conversation: We will start to make small talks and little exercises similar to the ones in a beginner theatre class. Although it might looks weird and a waste of time this will give the participant enough time to get used to me, the camera and also to create a sense of safety and intimacy inside the group.

In Pictures: Portraits, headshot and details of all the participants during both the conversations and our “theatrical exercises”.



The Conversation: Once the group have found some sort of harmony we will start to tackle the aspects of our everyday life that affect us in a negative way. The emphasis will be on the practical moments of fragility or personal inadequacies, and how we try to avoid or fix them. What would we like to change? How would we like to change?

In Pictures: Either in a studio or in public spaces we will try to recreate the situations we talked about and try to focus on the personal experience of an individual.



The Conversation: During the third Chapter I would like to flip the conversation completely and dig into our subconscious, to give life to our perceptions in a more symbolic and abstract way… We saw in the previous chapter what’s outside, now let’s see what’s inside.

In Pictures: I can clearly see in my mind the final pictures I want, they are quite hard to explain, just trust me.


WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE AM I LOOKING FOR? Everyone who is willing to take seriously a fairly long project, obviously I am not expecting everyone to be present all the time. I hope you can see what I want to capture with my pictures and share with me the same enthusiasm for this project.

I’m not looking for a specific kind of person, but a multitude of people to depict a monochromatic kaleidoscope of experiences that hopefully will become a truthful mirror of the society we live in.

If you want to be part of the group or just curious about this project drop me a few line at my email address: luigi.caruso.it@gmail.com with some details about yourself.

Whether you decide to participate or not to this project don’t forget to reshare!