So last month lost my job, and for a few weeks I have been really stressed updating my CV and applying for different roles. Luckily enough London is a big city and I managed to find a new job pretty quickly.

So what is that you do to celebrate a new job if not buying a shiny new camera?

I know I said: “One Year No More Gear”, but I lied! At the end of the day it’s December so I resisted for long enough.

What I wanted in my new camera

Ricoh GR1s - Luigi Caruso Photography-1

I already have far too many cameras but what was missing was a small digital camera I can bring with me everywhere and all the time, something like my Ricoh GR1s but with a little bit more flexibility.

There are a few things that I actually need to shoot comfortably with a camera:

– Good image quality and being able to shoot in RAW

– Manual mode and Shutter speed priority mode

– Fast lens for low light situations

And a few things that I was missing in my other cameras but I would find handy like:

– Small and sturdy body that I can fit in my pocket

– Good video capability

– Zoom lens

– Built in flash

I didn’t want to spend too much time doing researches or getting dragged into the usual pixel peeping reviews so I just went to the local camera shop and had a look at what was available.

Why the Canon G7X?

Canon G7X Review - Luigi Caruso Photography-4


The choice was between the Canon G7X, The Sony RX100 III and the Panasonic Lumix LX100. I must confess I fall in love immediately with the Panasonic, great Leica lens, amazing image quality and video capability, but the body size was too big for what I was looking for.

Apparently Sony’s (Zeiss) lens is sharper, but the camera was more expensive and somehow felt kind of weird in my hands so I decided to go for the Canon GX7!

Excited like a child I run home, unpacked the camera and started using it! The image quality is really good for a small sensor and with the image stabilisation you can manage to have sharp images even on a slower shutter speed. In extreme situations you can always rely in the small pop-up flash to keep ISO down and still sharp subjects.

But there is more!

Canon G7X Review - Luigi Caruso Photography-2

Being able to carry around a small camera means that I can take pictures of everything that catches my attention, a zoom lens means that I can go closer even when I physically can’t and the widest 24mm is really quite nice too! So out of a sudden I re-discovered the beauty of small details, patterns and shapes! I’m once again curious when I walk around, I can take pictures that I can use for ideas and reminders, like a sort of photo-diary of the places I go and the things I see.

I know that people use your phone for this kind of things, but I never felt comfortable using it…

All in all I’m pretty happy with this camera, it does the job and it fits my pocket, if I need better image quality and sharper lenses I can rely on my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and my Bronica ETRSi.