Wednesday I had the opportunity to see live the Gallows Ghost at the Hoxton Bar in London. I never heard of them before, but I found the pictures of the EP quite intriguing so I decided to pack my gear and go shoot them…

When I arrived there I was really nervous, I only met briefly one of the members of the band once before, and I had no idea of what kind of music they where playing and what kind of photos I wanted to get… the usual over-complication mind games that make you screw things up! I tried not to think, instead I had a beer with my friends while waiting and then the music started.

In about two seconds all my worries disappeared… “they are amazing” I remember to think and I just started to shoot. Their music is melancholic yes, and yet it’s not the lame cry of a bimbo, it is really powerful, rich and articulated. The Cello and violin mix perfectly with the electric instruments and the singer has such a melodic and powerful voice, coupled with a stunning stage presence.

Just at the end of the gig my memory card was full (first time I shoot 16Gb of pictures in one go), so I turned my camera off and enjoyed another pint at the bar.

Needless to say that I can’t wait to see them live again! I have attached the link in case anyone want to hear the Gallows Ghost EP here.

And here are the pictures, any feedback is more than welcome!

I made a few mistakes that night, write in the comments if you can notice them! I will try to explain what where the difficulties and what I’ve learned in a separate post. Click on the images to see them full screen!