Almost one year ago I started a photography project about our vulnerabilities. I still remember the excitement coming from the planning, the idea of creating something meaningful and beautiful in it’s own way. Somehow during all this time a lot went wrong and I started to detach from the project. Not happy with where this was going I stopped and think about what went wrong and how I can recover for what I consider a failure.

What went wrong?

I didn’t have enough time: working full time and long hours I was always tired, stressed and seeking a pint at the end of the day to shut my brain down more than anything else.

The project was too broad and difficult for my skills: as my first project I think I bite more than what I could possibly chew. As I result I became more and more insicure of what I was doing, losing control and being more and more frustrated. I lost the point of what I wanted to tell/express with my pictures.

I had too little practice and preparation: in the desperate attempt to make the most out of little time I was throwing my subjects in front of the camera with no clear idea of what I really wanted.

Poor picture quality: as I result of no practice and preparation the quality of my work wasn’t at the level I was expecting. I couldn’t possibly accept a mediocre outcome from a project I cared so much about.

I was obsessed with what should have been the final outcome: the idea of exposing massive size prints was extremely exciting and kept me somehow motivated, but at the same time distracted me from what was the main reason that made me start the project in the first place.

It all sounds like a big list of excuses for my shortcoming. I’m learning from my mistake and trying to move forward. I feel like I need to take some distance from this project for a while and concentrate on something different for a time being. I will come back to this when I will feel ready again.

So what’s next?

There is a new project coming soon and I’m so excited/scared/motivated that I can’t wait to start!

What I will try to change?

– I’ll try to sort my priority and make the most out of weekends and small slots of time, whether it will be for research, practice or the actual photography project.

– I’m gonna focus on just one concept, dig deep, read and talk to other people to explore different angles to tell the strongest and most compelling story possible

– Be sure about WHAT, WHY and HOW I’m shooting, studying and testing how cameras and light setup can improve the image I’m trying to create.

– Test and pre-visualise the shot in advance to minimise the thinking when in front of your subject

– Take the time to review my work and in case restart from scratch rater than trying to fix later what was and will always remain a lawsy shot

Most important of all I will ask for help! I’ll let my ego out of the project and find a way to connect with creative people to collaborate. I don’t care what will be the final result, for now all I’m excited about is the journey ahead of me.