A cis-gender point of view about gender identity

I find storytelling one of the hardest parts of making a photograph. The ability to squeeze concepts, universally recognisable, without having to explain them, is at the moment something I have been, and still am, struggling with.

I have been quietly working on a personal photo project to explore the things that make us feel vulnerable. Starting with my friend Alix, I have begun to dig deeper into the issues of gender identity – from the moment of transition, to the struggle for acceptance, recognition and the discomfort that all of this can cause.

Julius has also helped me a lot in my journey to understanding. He has spent time with me, such as many awkward hours in front of a camera and has engaged in conversations with me about all sorts of things. The project is still at the very early stages, but I feel so lucky to have such amazing people to help me and also to trust me.

I took these pictures as an external observer as there is no way for me to experience fully what the life of my transgender subjects is like. I concentrate on my personal experience; the curiosity that attracts my eyes, the fear of the unknown and the sense of discomfort I felt the first time I was interacting with people that exist outside of the gender binary.

All of my prejudice and misconceptions have long gone. I have found instead beautiful people. They are fragile, vulnerable and enthralled in the eternal struggle to be themselves.

A happy life. Don’t we all want that after all?

Hopefully with time we will learn to accept the diversity and the ambiguities of life in their beauty. Hopefully we will begin empowering people to be and look as they want, discerning from the realm of that far too comfortable normality that we try so hard to pursue.

I will continue my project and if anybody wants to participate then please direct message me!

Shooting Julius - an eterosexual view of gender identity - Luigi Caruso Photography-4

Shooting Julius - An eterosexual point of view about gender identity - Luigi Caruso Photography-1

Shooting Julius - An eterosexual point of view about gender identity - Luigi Caruso Photography-2